Osiryl Professional Root Growth Stimulator

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This root stimulant will allow you to obtain  a better recovery of your orchid and a phenomenal root shoot.

Used on plants proposed on Kay Orchid Flask Factory at a rate of 0.2 ml per liter.
It is recommended to use it with a water adapted to your plants. You have at your disposal a technical sheet on watering

I recommend you use two waterings out of three

Free of any toxicological classification.
40% active ingredient OSYR
50% dry matter
8% sulfuric anhydride (SO3)
PH: 3.7 (+ or - 0.7) based on lignosulphates.
Can be used in organic farming (Regulation EC 834/2007).
Different dosages available
Packaging: a bottle (size of your choice) + a syringe

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