Pinus radiata - 1L caliber to choose

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This ready-to-use ready-to-use orchid substrate, which can be used directly, does not require rinsing. Produced from 100% pure bark of Pinus radiata, it is, a single substrate, stable for the repotting of orchids and the output of flasks.

It is a stable substrate over time, which does not release any elements toxic to plants, even after several years of use.

The different calibres:

3-6mm, our smallest bark size used mainly for seedlings and bottle exits.

6-9mm, suitable young orchids, good size for second potting

9-12mm, suitable for young and young adults, good size for second potting

12-18mm, suitable for adults and orchids that require rapid drying

18-25mm, Adult plants in large containers, or requiring a rapidly drying substrate

Packaging: 1 bag of 1 liter approximately

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