Where to start?


The CIV (Culture in vitro) will allow you to approach the culture of orchids in depth. You will see the evolution of a seed, and in the case of good crops, a mature plant. However, be aware that it will take several months or several years before you see these results.

Before you embark on this adventure, already starting out learning to grow your plants. If you do not have to re-bloom, if you have cultural problems and little time, do not attempt the civ.

If you're comfortable with the culture of orchids in general and that for some years and time, you can try this experience.

Before you begin you will need seeds or capsule. Do not hesitate to fertilize your plants 

/! Scam

For some time, the ads popping up on sites like Ebay or other auction sites offering seeds of orchids (mixture, monkey orchids, etc .....). They are mostly scams. If you have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact uswe will tell you if the seeds are reliable or not.

                                                        Packets of one hundred seeds


A little video? 20 minutes of discoveries! (in french)

Many thanks to Erwan C. who produced a short report on a full CIV session. I think that it is essential in order to understand the issues but above all the necessary environment. Here will be exposed the practices with a laminar flow hood, large equipment. Rest assured, beginners can get very good results with a glove-box too. Good viewing !

Prepare budget

To start, it will build the sterile working area, a glove-box (glove box). This box that we will sterile with bleach, will work with a certain ease, significantly reducing the risk of contamination. It will take a budget between 30 and 50 euros for the construction of this box.

Construction of a glove box

Equipment required:

1 x Plexiglas box

1 x glass plate or cover adapted to the Plexiglas box

2 x PVC fittings

4 x quick bracket

4 x screws

4 x bolts

1 x silicone

1 x pair of gloves resistant to bleach

2 x clamp

1 - to two openings on a wall of the size of the PVC sleeve

2 - fix each sleeve using two brackets minis, screws and bolts on the Plexiglas box

3 - silicone to the two sleeves on each side of the box

glove box 3

4 - install the gloves on the sleeves and tighten them with clamps

5 - Install a silicone band on the glass plate marrying well the edge of the box

glove box 8

Your GLOVE-BOX is ready! We will sterilize it later

Construction germination chamber / shoot

Your bottles made, it will think the place to store them. Ideally, we will favor a room without temperature change with sufficient brightness.

I recommend making a germination chamber which will also serve later storage for seedlingsThe costs vary according to the desired size. For my part, I opted for a library with neon strips 8w daylight. Everything is adjustable as required.

chambre de germination

Flask and young plants (up 1 year) will be exposed to sufficient brightnessThe heat from the strip below, allow for better growth of the plants. If too small room and heat up 26 °, small fan installation is recommended.

For electrical connections, I refer you to someone special.

Budget: a library for the 30th, 40th strips (5 x 8 euros) and 10th of electrical equipment.

It will do more than buy your seed kit or equipment to begin your adventure!

Budget: € 20 for sowing kit + 10 euros diverse equipment

Consider also the transplanting equipment. Budget about 20 euros.


Glove-box: 50 euros

Complete germination chamber: 80 euros

Planting Kit: 20 euros

Transplanting: 20 euros

Diverse material: 10 euros

TOTAL: 180 euros (+ electric cost involved)