How pollinate a flower

In nature, they are very specific insects that are involved in this task. In our greenhouses, apartments and other, this operation must be carried out manually.
To do this, choose 1 flowers on different plants 2: one donor will, the other carrierKnow that the plant will bring the capsule to be in good shape and already elderly to prevent loss or not germination.


Avoid taking 2 plants from the same seedlings or carrying out this operation on the same plant. If you take a plant to fertilize it by itself, you lose about 20% of its genetics and over 60% with a re-fertilization. Prefer 2 different plants systematically to have vigorous subjects.

Using tweezers or toothpick, remove the lid of the donor flower to reveal pollinia hanging on Viscidium (white and sticky part).
Place them in the stigmatic cavity of the recipient flower. They will remain glued to the inside and detach Viscidium is remaining adhered to the instrument used during this operation.


Steps images

pollinisation02 eng.jpg