Culture sheet Dendrobium type Nobile hybrid - First level


Often found in garden centres, Dendrobium Nobile hybrids are orchids that will require fresh cultivation, therefore not recommended for beginners if you do not have the necessary conditions, so put it outside.

The majority will be sold in opaque pots but you can repot it in a transparent pot.



In winter: To be placed within 50 cm of a window

As soon as spring arrives: Temperatures permitting, take it out and place it out of direct sunlight. To protect from it if it is still inside.


Temperatures: A temperature of 18°C ​​to 28°C in the summer and you can leave it outside as long as the temperatures do not drop below 5°C. In this case, it will have to be brought in while maintaining a fresh and bright room.


Watering: When it comes to Dendrobium nobile, this is the hardest part to manage when starting out. A cycle will be to learn and apply.

Watering begins at the beginning of the year, around February/March when the flower buds are developed and it will be necessary to add fertilizer. This plant is greedy so watering will be done when the pot is 2/3 dry during this period.

When the pot becomes light (if opaque pot), when the roots begin to dry out. Non-calcareous temperate water (see watering file here). Allow to dry between two waterings.

When cool temperatures arrive, begin to cut back on watering and stop completely below 10 degrees. Do not be afraid not to water the plant, it will be necessary at the risk of causing its death.

And watering will resume as at the beginning, after the formation of flower buds.

If the rest period is not properly observed, the flower buds will give keikis along the canes.


Fertilizer: Dendrobium Nobile are heavy on fertilizer. However, their needs have nothing in common with those of a classic green plant: Too concentrated a fertilizer solution can seriously damage the roots. It will take each watering by measuring your water (see watering file here).