Mealybug control sheet





- There is no quick and easy fix.

- There is no preventative solution.

- The greatest enemy of mealybugs is the human eye.

- In order not to create a resistant strain, it is very important to follow this information leaflet and especially not to use the same method and / or biological solution more than three times in a row. In which case, these products would become ineffective because we will have created new generations of resistant mealybugs!

- All action is to make three applications spaced one week apart in summer and every two weeks in winter. A mechanical treatment then three sprays with the mixtures.



Mechanical processing


1st mechanical treatment


Water the plant with a powerful spray under the leaves and pseudobulbs (spray from a watering gun with a rotating head: put on a fine powerful spray) to loosen the mealybugs and dried sheaths where they hide. Do not hesitate to take a toothbrush to dislodge them in addition to your water jet.

In winter, lukewarm water between 20 ° and 27 ° C.

You will thus remove more than 80% of individuals!


2nd mechanical treatment


Wipe with a cotton ball soaked in 30% isopropanol (Internet) the areas of plants where there are mealybugs: hidden side of the leaves or pseudobulb starting from the stem towards the end of the leaf to collect on the cotton the cochineals detached by isopropanol.

Do not scrub with a brush, this will drop the eggs into the compost.

If there are a lot of mealybugs, change the compost anyway and spray the roots where there may be mealybugs installed.

Once your plants are rinsed, let's move on to the next step!


Essential Oils Treatment
Help 1 - 1st mixture of essential oils Mixture 1 for 5 liters - Dispersant: 1 ml - HE solution 1: 1 drop Three applications spaced one week apart in summer and every two weeks in winter. Continue if necessary with the 2nd mixture. Help 2 - 2nd mixture of essential oils Mix 2 for 5 liters - Dispersant: 1 ml - HE 2 solution: 1 drop Three applications spaced one week apart in summer and every two weeks in winter. The main active oils: mountain savory, rose geranium, cade oil. Conclusion
The principle is that each spray (above and below and behind the leaves) acts by contact and leaves 1% of resistant survivors; by the third pass, only
1 resistant mealybug in a million remains, which is attacked with another active ingredient to which it is not resistant.
You can go back to the first stage at the end of the cycle, new or surviving mealybugs are no longer resistant. Warning: Any mixture must be carefully prepared in a clean container with protection to avoid contact with the skin, mouth, eyes ...
The preparation can be stored 48 hours away from light and heat and loses its properties. active ingredients after.