Hybrid Oncidium culture sheet - First level

Often found in garden centers under the name "golden rain", hybrid Oncidiums are easy to grow orchids for beginners.

You will easily find yellow (golden rain), twinkle (small, scented caramel / chocolate, red brown) and complex hybrids of Sharry baby (scented, large, red).

The majority will be sold in opaque pots.

Brightness: To be placed less than 50 cm from a window, no direct sunlight

Temperatures: 16 ° C to 20 ° C will be ideal. Outside in summer, still without direct sun.

Watering: When the pot becomes light (if the pot is opaque), when the roots start to dry out. Temperate non-calcareous water (see watering file here)

Fertilizers: Oncidium are moderately greedy in fertilizers. However, their needs have nothing in common with those of a classic green plant: A too concentrated fertilizer solution can seriously damage the roots. It will be necessary for each watering by measuring your water (see watering file here).

Substrate and Repotting: Purchased plants will need to be repotted most of the time. Prefer a mixed substrate prepared by a professional

You can keep the same pot size if there are not too many pseudobulbs.