To water in an optimal way and allow the plants a good absorption of nutrients, it will be essential to invest in adequate equipment in order to measure its water and adjust it.


Water conductivity + fertilizer

First, we will use a conductivity meter which will easily be found in a Growshop store. Care should be taken to choose a device calibrated in Microsiemens and not Millisiemens as well as an adequate solution in order to make the settings of the device.


Once your conductivity meter is ready to use, measure your water and adjust your fertilizer. This should reach 750 MS for most epiphytes in root watering, 400 MS in foliar watering and 250 MS for those with very thin leaves. The dosage of your fertilizer will vary depending on the water used.

The lower this is in conductivity, the more the fertilizer dose can be increased. So there is no predefined value, which will take precedence over a measured value.

To your solution, you can add additives such as Osiryl which is for me an absolutely revolutionary product, allowing an amazing root development and therefore better plant growth.


It is a root growth stimulator composed of lignosulfonates (Biostimulant). I recommend a dosage of 2ml  for 5 litres every other watering. This product will be added after adjusting the fertilizer.



40% OSYR active ingredient

50% dry matter

8% sulfur dioxide (SO3)

PH: 3.7 (+ or - 0.7) based on lignosulphates.


Once the conductivity has been adjusted, we will move on to the pH of the water.


PH meter - measurements and adjustments

To allow optimum absorption by plants, it will be necessary to adjust the pH of the water by measuring it with a device. Its calibration will be essential just like the conductivity meter presented previously.


You will need 4 products: pH4 solution, pH7 solution, a storage product and a cleaning product. The adjustments will be made with the 2 screws, the one on the right for the calibration at 7 and the one on the left for the one at 4 while soaking the electrode in the appropriate solution.

Cleaning twice a month is recommended by leaving the electrode to soak for 24 hours in the appropriate solution.

Use: once the conductivity is established, measure the pH and adjust it. For my part, I use white vinegar to reduce it.


Ideally, the pH of the water should be 5.8 and 6.2 for absorption of mineral salts. Optimal at 5.8. I present to you my equipment as well as its cost:


The conductivity tester

I recommend the waterproof EC pen IP57 (6061) Price: 49 euros at Culture Indoor



The calibration product

I use the product Buffer EC 2.76 MS / CM 250ml at 4.50 euros at Culture Indoor


My osmosis

In order to obtain permanent reverse osmosis water, I opted for a small Dennerle 190 type reverse osmosis device which remains very good value for money and very compact. You can get it for 79 euros at ZOOPLUS.

I also tested the WATSEA osmosis unit and pleasantly surprised for such a good quality / price ratio. Available from 34.99e at ZOOMALIA

I also have a demineralization station but no use if you don't have a lot of plants. You also have the possibility of registering for free (or almost) in garden centers with an aquarium section and which offer osmosis water or at a low price. Make your choice according to the number of plants you have.



Presented in liquid form, this miracle product is to be dosed at 2ml per liter. Different sellers offer it under root stimulant. Whatever the name, check the composition and especially the price per liter.


Here is one of the examples encountered:




Usually 17 to 20 euros per liter (for other plants in the house it's also perfect!)


The PH tester

I recommend the Platinium waterproof IP57 PH meter from Culture Indoor at 49 euros. Unlike other devices, its probe is interchangeable in the event of a deficiency.

Calibration products

To be able to correctly calibrate your PH tester, you will need two solutions: one to 4 and another to 7. The calibration will be done using two small screws present in your tester. I invite you to read the instructions carefully.

The 2 products available here at Culture Indoor:

4.50 euros per bottle

Indoor Culture cleaning and storage products:

7.50 euros per bottle. The first will be used to clean the probe and the second to keep it

At first glance, all of the products may seem expensive, I grant you (+/- 225 euros if you take all of the products presented excluding postage). However, tell yourself that it is essential to keep plants over time and especially to control your water and have exceptional blooms.