Buying / choosing a plant

1 - During which seasons can I buy orchids?

Generally, it is necessary to favor adequate temperatures, ie more than 15 ° to avoid a cold snap, especially if it is by correspondence. On display, you can buy them at any time of the year because the growers take great care to keep the plants warm during transport.

To be banned: the "chains" of stores which store their rolls in the fresh air (and you don't always see them ....), "supermarket" type orchids stored next to the fresh aisle.

2 - What are the differences between botanical orchids and hybrids and primary hybrids?

Botanical orchids are the "pure" orchids, which are found in nature. Hybrids are crosses of botanicals, more or less complicated.

Hybrids are generally much more tolerant of cultivation, botanicals are more delicate

Primary hybrids (HP) are the result of a cross between two botanicals.


1 - My Phalaenopsis refuses to bloom again, what to do?

1 / is it displayed just behind a window? Less than 50 cm?

2 / are the waterings respected according to the color of the roots?

3 / did you repot it in a suitable substrate after its purchase and flowering? (not the garden center orchid soil)

4 / did you add fertilizer respecting the doses?

5 / Is the temperature suitable?

If you have "yes" to all these questions, contact me by email, otherwise refer to our culture sheet.


2 - Do orchids bloom again the following year?

It's a good question. Do the tulips bloom again the following year? Yes so good care, orchids and well it's exactly the same.

Supermarkets systematically put beautiful blooming orchids in garden centers to catch the eye of the customer and pretend they are in bloom all year (or almost) except that in reality, most of the hybrids that you are going to buy , will require a time of adaptation (and good care) before being able to initiate a new flowering and above all will generally flower once or twice a year at the same periods.

You will have a few plants that will be much more floriferous than others but be sure, apart from the Psychopsis which systematically emit flowers, you will not have Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium in bloom 365 days a year.

So yes orchids bloom again if we give them good care, not necessarily the following year because that will be when she decides but can bloom several times a year when the subject is well established in its new home.

3 - Can I put several plants in the same pot?

Clearly, no.

The culture will be delicate and especially if your plant catches a virus and / or bacteria, its neighbors will be affected.

4 - Can we cut the stem when it is deflowered?

Yes, only if it becomes dry like wood. The rule is never to cut into the green at the risk of introducing disease.

Substrates and materials

1 - I bought a packet of “special orchid” soil, what can I use it with?

Contrary to what is indicated on the package which usually shows you beautiful plants with beautiful flowers, “potting soil” is to be avoided for epiphytic plants. They will however be suitable for Vanilla (by adding perlite) and Cymbidiums.

In short: Always favor a substrate prepared by a specialized professional.


2 - Can I put a flowerpot ?

You can put a flowerpot. The roots will see little or no light and it willlack +/- 10% of the plant's needs for photosynthesis which will be met by a good culture.

Clearly, your plant will no die with a flowerpot.