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1 - During which seasons can I buy orchids?

Generally preference should be given adequate temperatures more than 15 ° to avoid a chill especially if it's by net shop. On display, you can buy them at any time of the year as producers take great care to keep the plants warm during transport. A ban: The "chains" shops that store their rolls in the open fresh air flow (and you do not always see ....), orchids type "supermarket" stored next to the cold store


2 - What are the differences between botanical and hybrid orchid and primary hybrids?

Botanical orchid orchids are "pure", as found in nature. Hybrids are crosses of botanical, more or less complicated.
Hybrids are generally much more tolerant level culture, are more delicate botanical

Primary hybrids (HP) are the result of a cross between two botanical.



1 - My Phalaenopsis refuses to bloom, what to do?

1 / he is exposed behind a window? Less than 50 cm?
2 / they are respected by color watering the roots?
3 / did you repotted in a suitable substrate after its purchase and flowering? (not the ground orchid garden)
4 / did you add the fertilizer at rates?
5 / Is the temperature suitable?
If you "yes" to all these questions, please contact me by email, otherwise refer to our culture sheet.


2 - Orchids bloom next year?

It's a good question. The tulip bloom again-also the following year? Yes if good care, orchids and well it is exactly the same.
It puts us consistently beautiful orchids blooming in the garden to attract the customer's eye and pretend they were in bloom all year (or so) but in reality, most hybrids that you will buy, will request a temple of adaptation (and good looking) before they can initiate a new flowering  and above will generally bloom 1-2 times a year with the same periods.
You will have some issues that will be much more floriferous than others but some are, apart from Psychopsis systematically emit flowers, you will not have Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis flowers 365 days a year.
So yes orchids bloom again if they are given good care, not necessarily next year because it will be when she decides but can bloom several times a year when the subject is well established in its new home.


Substrates and materials
1 - I bought a packet of soil "special orchid", with what can I use it?
Contrary to what is stated on the package which generally shows beautiful plants with beautiful flowers, the "soil" is to banish for epiphytes. However, they agree to Vanilla (by adding perlite) and Cymbidiums.
In short: Prefer systematically a substrate prepared by a professional.